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New President of the Association of Webhosting Providers Wants to Return the Country’s .SK TLD Back to Citizens

Bratislava, July 11, 2017 – Returning the country code top level domain .SK back to the Internet community and to the public, abolishing rules due to which webhosting providers and registrars face unfair sanctions, as well as educating the general public on domains, the Internet, and security. These are the priorities of the new President of the Association of Webhosting Providers (ZPW) Ondrej Jombík.

Being a co-owner of the company Platon Technologies, which specializes in providing webhosting services, Ondrej Jombík has for years been encountering problems that the current state of administration of the ccTLD .SK causes him and his colleagues in the sector. For a long time now he has been actively engaged in the fight for a change in the rules, which would lead to technology innovations, more functional rules for domain registration and the possibility for the people in Slovakia to directly benefit from profits. He has also been trying to remedy the effects of a fraud committed at the beginning of 1990s, when the .SK domain was created.

„In my view, the biggest problem is that Slovakia’s top level domain is administered by a private company SK-NIC, with ownership ties to telecommunications providers SWAN and Danubiatel. For administration of a ccTLD to represent a comfortable business for a private company, which is always in good terms with any government in power, is absolutely unprecedented in the civilized world, much less in EU countries,“ says Ondrej Jombík. For example, in the Czech Republic the domain is successfully administered by a non-profit organization CZ.NIC with an open membership. It clusters representatives of the Internet community. The organization invests profits in technology modernization and education of the public.

In contrast, Slovakia’s TLD is in the hands of the company SK-NIC which earns substantial profits. „We are talking about an annual revenue of several millions of Euros, while in the last 15 years SK-NIC has made almost no investments into modern technologies, which often embitters webhosting providers. Compared to other countries, we lag behind considerably,“ notes Ondrej Jombík. As the new President of ZPW, he wants to do everything in his power to return the .SK domain back to the Internet community and the Slovak people.

It all started with a fraud

Ondrej Jombík believes that the current unfair situation is the result of a fraud that happened a long time ago. The .SK domain was created after the peaceful dissolution of the federal state of Czechoslovakia. The ccTLD was administered by enthusiasts at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Comenius University in Bratislava, who formed an association called EUnet Slovakia. „Then came the speculators and established a limited-liability company EUnet Slovakia s.r.o., rented a small office in the same building and prompted the global authority ICANN to change the name of the domain registrar. Hence, the administration of .SK TLD was in their hands. ICANN had been led to believe that only cosmetic changes of the address were taking place, and not a fraud,“ Ondrej Jombík explains the circumstances of the transfer to a private company.

The Slovaks then sold the company to a U.S. investor, who later sold it back to Slovakia. With the blessing of the then Transport Minister Pavol Prokopovič, an outrageous contract between the state and SK-NIC was signed, which practically cannot be terminated by the state. „I informed Deputy Prime Minister for Informatization Peter Pellegrini about this fact as well. Time will tell whether his interest in returning the ccTLD .SK to the citizens wins, or whether he decides to turn a blind eye on past frauds, and leave the administration of Slovakia´s TLD in the current unfair state to the people. Being the president of ZPW, I am prepared to fight for our domain,“ declares Ondrej Jombík.



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Ondrej Jombík

Ondrej was born in 1981 in Bratislava. He received a master’s degree in information technology in 2007 from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Comenius University in Bratislava. He gained further education at Oracle University in Bratislava and Zabbix SIA in the USA. He has worked since 2001 at various posts at the companies Webinventia, Nextra, Telenor Networks, GTS Slovakia, and Symmetry Software. He is the co-owner of Platon Technologies, webhosting and server services provider. He was elected the President of the Association of Webhosting Providers at the General Assembly held in June 2017.

Ondrej Jombík